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We offer healing and transformation through theo-therapy.

Holistic Approach

Our center offers a holistic approach to therapy, incorporating both psychological and theological perspectives, providing a comprehensive and well-rounded therapeutic experience.

Personal Growth

Our goal is to support clients in their journey towards self-discovery, helping them develop resilience, find meaning, and unlock their full potential.

Supportive Environment

Through empathetic listening and genuine care, we aim to build a trusting therapeutic relationship that encourages personal growth and healing.

About us

At NewHeartsCounseling, we understand that the journey towards emotional healing and inner well-being can be a path filled with challenges and difficult moments. We take pride in offering you a safe and nurturing space where your wounds can heal, and your heart can find the peace it longs for.


How we work

At our center, we provide a unique approach to therapy known as Theo-Therapy, where we integrate theological principles to help guide you on your healing journey. Through our Theo-Therapy sessions, we offer a holistic perspective that addresses not only your emotional well-being but also the spiritual aspects of your life.

Our methods have proven to be effective in our patients.
Years of experiences working with theo-therapy.


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